Stop Overpaying for a Car You Don’t Like

We use your automotive credit score to get you the best rates and DROP the payment.

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Let’s start with a free AUTOMOTIVE credit score

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In less than 5 minutes, you’ll get your free credit score. No credit card needed, no social security number required, no tricks or gimmicks. The best part, is that it does not count as an inquiry or impact your credit score at all. At Drop the Payment, we give you the information you need, up front, so you know your credit score before you even walk into a dealership.

How it Works


Get Pre-Qualified Online

It only takes 5 minutes. Fill in your name, email, address and last four digits of your social to get your free credit score in seconds.

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Connect with Our Network of Dealers

Our trusted network of dealers will contact you regarding your inquiry. The dealers in your area have massive inventories with a great selection to choose from. We are confident you’ll find the perfect vehicle!

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Drop the Payment!

After analyzing your unique situation, we’ll find the perfect vehicle that you can afford. When we upgrade your current vehicle, we may also be able to lower your monthly payments. Drive off the lot with an upgraded vehicle and a lower monthly payment!

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Why overpay on a car you don’t want?

Tired of paying too much for your current vehicle? Do you think your interest rate is just too high for your current situation? You are not alone. Millions of people apply for car loans every day hoping to find a way to lower their current payment. Finally the solution is here. With Drop the Payment, our network of dealerships specializes in low interest rates that create lower car payments that get people into nicer, newer cars or trucks. Every day, thousands of people are taking advantage of a better economy and trading in their vehicle for something better and for less. Make no mistake, Drop the Payment is the right choice for you.