Drop the Payment serves Chicago!

Drop the Payment proudly services Chicago area residents as well as residents of the Chicago suburbs! We’ve helped customers from Aurora, Cicero, Country Club Hills, Joliet, Matteson, Oak Lawn, Plainfield, Richton Park, Steger, Tinley Park, University Park and more! Those that have an auto loan with a high monthly payment are seeking refuge with Drop the Payment.

Are you paying too much for your vehicle because you have a high interest auto loan? Drop the Payment specializes in lowering your current monthly payment and putting you in a vehicle that you can drive away in knowing that you got a great deal and lowered your payment. If you’ve seen our commercial on television, you know that we’ve helped thousands of customers over the years and we’re ready to help you too. Our auto loan application provides you with a free credit check so you know where you are at when you get started. Then, our Drop the Payment representative will contact you regarding lowering your current monthly payment and the next steps to take.

Joey Lax-SalinasDrop the Payment serves Chicago!
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Bad Car Credit Loans

Drop the Payment has been successful in helping those who have high car payments to be able to drop their payment to a lower payment. Recently, Drop the Payment has been the go-to source for lowering car payments in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. Chicago area residents with bad credit have called Drop the Payment after seeing our popular commercial on the television advising those that have high car payments on how Drop the Payment can help to lower them.

As a reliable source for accurate credit data regarding a vehicle purchase, Drop the Payment can now offer you an instant pre-qualification and show you what your buying power is. Want to know how much of a loan you can request? Drop the Payment can walk you through the steps so you can drive away in a vehicle that doesn’t break the bank. If you are looking for an auto loan in Chicago, look no further. We cover the entire Chicagoland area including all of the suburbs, as well as Indiana and Wisconsin.

There’s no need to pay a high interest rate on your vehicle if you don’t have to. Drop the Payment may even be able to help you lower your payment while keeping you in your same vehicle! Or, let us help you upgrade to a safer, more reliable vehicle with newer technology. If you live in the Chicago area, including the suburbs of Aurora, Calumet City, Chicago Heights, Joliet, Orland Park, Tinley Park, and anywhere in between.

adminBad Car Credit Loans
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Trading in a Car With Negative Equity

Most of us grow to love our cars. After months and years of ownership, we learn all of it’s quirks and sometimes even find out we had features that we didn’t realize we had months after the purchase. There comes a time, however, when driving the same vehicle just doesn’t make sense anymore. Once a vehicle has become mechanically unreliable, or the amount of money going into the vehicle outweighs its value, it’s time to consider trading it in for a newer vehicle.

Drop the Payment specializes in helping you lower your car payment, but our network of dealers are also equipped to be able to give you an appraisal value on your vehicle and talk to you about whether you should consider trading your vehicle in for something newer. Is your motor burning oil? A/C no longer works or doesn’t blow to full capacity? Don’t have Bluetooth or satellite radio options? Are you driving more for work with a vehicle that isn’t as fuel efficient as a newer car? Adding new members to your family that your current vehicle can no longer handle? These are all scenarios to consider when deciding whether it is time to trade in your vehicle.

Depending on how long you’ve had your vehicle, you may still have an auto loan payment and it’s possible that your vehicle could be worth less than the remaining balance on your loan. If this is the case, your vehicle has negative equity. Drop the Payment representatives work with customers who are ready to trade-in with negative equity in their vehicle every single day. Options may still be available to you to lower your monthly car payment, so don’t give up! Our Drop the Payment network of dealers can work with you to determine how much negative equity you have and show you what your financing and purchasing options could be.

Ready to pursue your dream vehicle while also lowering your current monthly vehicle payment? Let Drop the Payment see what we can do for you. Complete our free and easy-to-use application form and get results instantly.

adminTrading in a Car With Negative Equity
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What is Your Automotive Credit Score?

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adminWhat is Your Automotive Credit Score?
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