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Step 1: Get Pre-Qualified Online

Are you currently paying too much for the car you’re driving? Often, when people first purchase their vehicle, they don’t qualify for a low-interest car loan. This makes car owners feel stuck in their vehicle with high monthly payments.. If this sounds like you, then your situation can change! By answering a few simple questions, you’ll get a complimentary automotive credit score online. There’s no credit card needed, no social security number required, and no tricks or gimmicks. The best part of it all, is it doesn’t count as an inquiry and doesn’t impact your credit score at all. We give you the information you need, up front, so you know your credit score before you walk into a dealership. By pre-qualifying online, we empower you as a car buyer to upgrade your car and lower your payment.

Step 2: Connect With Our Network Of Dealers

At Drop The Payment, we work with a select group of trusted auto dealers in the Chicagoland area. These dealers are Drop The Payment certified dealers who are trained to work with customers in your unique situation. They’ll look at your automotive credit score you submitted and help you pick out the perfect vehicle to help drop your payment. These dealers have massive inventories with a great selection to choose from. We are confident that armed with your automotive credit score, you’ll drive away in the perfect vehicle and a lower payment!

Step 3: Drop the Payment!

After analyzing your unique situation, our trained professionals may be able to help you find the perfect vehicle that you can afford. When we upgrade your current vehicle, we may also be able to lower your monthly payments. Not only will you be driving away in a new vehicle, but you’ll also be saving money! That’s a win-win. Regardless of past credit problems, we are confident that we may be able to help you lower your monthly car payments. Contact us today to start the Drop the Payment process. We can’t wait to help you drop your payment!

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